On a quiet Sunday afternoon I find this blog on my bookmark bar and wonder ‘are there any more words to write?’ 

I despair of novelty. Put down the pen and delete the blog. No more writing or repeating, everyone heard.

Then why does the profoundly simple demand we learn more?

Why did God give unfathomable riches? or show our relationship a mystery?

The engineer attempts the problem, the physicist maps the experiment, and they get to write the journals of evidence and be humbled by the inexplicable of which they have found much proof. Detectives piece together evidence until they see justice, or the entire case revealed. An unresolved, irrelevant case will lie cold in the files.

Our imaginations run wild and ambitious and we still cannot plumb these riches of Christ. God’s design is to teach; involve the skeptic, make him taste as it were on his own tongue the goodness of God. The skeptic -slowly losing his identity- begs for more and God gives him a teaspoon. The poor fellow is flabbergast as the Good Master shows him goodness ad infinitum. The point being, we cannot quantify anything about God. What small measures the finite owns to testify of infinity!


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