Life emoted

I want to be overwhelmed in Your Love, JESUS. How do I be love(d) today?

Show me the passion, the emotion, the fervency and devotion.

Don’t polish and prim dull LOVE!

Don’t refine it, define it, outline it.

Don’t make it sensible.

I want to see the fire.

That fire in Your eyes.

The fire of of Your Holiness.

Blazoned and searing.

You alive. Ecstatic.

Don’t leave it quiet, pithy.

Why was Your passion death? And the glory.. to die for?

Let me be ever consumed in adoration, as Your burning ones.

Flickering seems safe, steady.

Where does racing and consuming meet still small and growing?

Race with patience, fervent heart.

Life emoted

One thought on “Life emoted

  1. poured out for jesus says:

    the universal question? probably…
    more than wordplay but WORDplay 🙂 if that makes any sense at all.
    what you are looking for is within reach!

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