The Truth of Love

Truth and Love are both exploding, huge. The question is not how to contain, but how to live overwhelmed! The quintessence of Truth, is it not Love?

Truth must draw us to Love. If that truth does not cause us to love, it is nothing of God; it is a lie. Love risks and Truth is impervious. Mortals are thus compelled to trust the All-Wise Immortal God.

Love elicits enthusiasm. Truth is faithful, certain to correspond with reality. Love is intense desire and also intense enjoyment. Love is faithful to Truth. And Truth is in tune with Love.

In my tight-lipped defense of the ‘Truth’ I miss that strong-tender affection that is both firm and eager. My juggling approach is disastrous. All thanks to Jesus, full of both supreme Truth and Gracious Love.

The Truth of Love

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