A Bookshelf Body

Today a neighborly couple delivered a bookshelf to my door. Thanks to a brother assist, soon it stood placed and positioned. I began merrily cleaning off layers of antique warehouse dust, mentally stacking and sorting, picturing all books concisely organized.

After wiping off the shelves I dismayed, there was nothing to hold them up! Such small things they are, those brackets; wholly unseen and pennies purchased. Alas, my bookcase was rendered useless.

Forgive me for the weak analogy but such is life: the unseen support, small donations. The dismissed one who hides in the corner.

…we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love (Ephesians 4:15b-16, NASB).

Does not each joint support the whole? Maybe you are only a nerve ending..? We still support you. We are glad to have you.

Just so you know, tomorrow the lady from the flea market is bringing the unattached brackets. You can implement your own analogy at this point for follow-up points :).

A Bookshelf Body

Being Stilled

Frustration. Impatience. How do you deal with the dissatisfaction? Stuck in this reality. Is this life Realness? I want something Actual and Solid, and Brilliantly So.

But how on this earth can I wait?

Stay. Wait. Be Still. I rebel, ‘Go!’ I cry, seize the imperative! How in all this waiting can I accomplish, or do? I cringe at the sitting. And bemoan that any decision is much better. How can the world be changed? Why can’t my life count for something?

It’s in the knowing. I can sit and complain impatiently. Or I can know.

I have to turn the attention from myself and be overwhelmed. By knowing.

I am wholly and completely known. And the One who has known me demands my attention. And I am broken. And I know. I can feel and understand and be awed by this moment of knowing.

He is God and His Glory He will not give to another. God has every right to use my life only to teach me this. He IS God. I want to hear His call to ‘Go’, but for me to know Him is of utmost importance.

Being Stilled

GOD trumps

My life is for God: to know Him and love Him chiefly. Not for His joy or His peace, but because He is the Lord and He is worthy of my praise! My safety and peace bow to His goodness. My life diminished for His will of bringing all children home. It is not my job to secure them, they have always and eternally been His.

He needs no sacrifices. Nothing is a sacrifice. Not in light of His.

What can we give but that which is borrowed? Our sin is the only thing we own. This is not a business deal. It is a relationship. He did it all for love. So can I.

I prefer You, God. I choose You. You are worth it. I submit to You. I kneel to You. I bow to You.


GOD trumps

The Truth of Love

Truth and Love are both exploding, huge. The question is not how to contain, but how to live overwhelmed! The quintessence of Truth, is it not Love?

Truth must draw us to Love. If that truth does not cause us to love, it is nothing of God; it is a lie. Love risks and Truth is impervious. Mortals are thus compelled to trust the All-Wise Immortal God.

Love elicits enthusiasm. Truth is faithful, certain to correspond with reality. Love is intense desire and also intense enjoyment. Love is faithful to Truth. And Truth is in tune with Love.

In my tight-lipped defense of the ‘Truth’ I miss that strong-tender affection that is both firm and eager. My juggling approach is disastrous. All thanks to Jesus, full of both supreme Truth and Gracious Love.

The Truth of Love

Haiku for you

Haiku is fun. For people. Who know words.

And want to sound ever so clever and creative:)


This is my favorite (un-original):

Haikus are easy

But sometimes they don’t make sense


Dreamy sweet with cream

Caramel dulce latte

Makes me feel happy

Strawberry shortcake

Dollop of freshly whipped cream

Juicy sweet and fresh berries

The moon softly glides

Over the misty mountain

Everyone still sleeps

Dreary rainy days

Wish I could have stayed in

Splashing through the mud

Sand between my toes

Waves splashing on the shoreline

Sleeping in the sun


Haiku for you