My Bucket List UPDATED

  1. learn to play the piano
  2. read the Bible chronologically in its entirety
  3. see the sunrise over the Mediterranean
  4. attend a Hillsong concert
  5. gawk at some European town
  6. sleep in a castle
  7. eat escargot
  8. having some sweet kiddos
  9. OWN my faith
  10. fall madly in love
  11. go kayaking again
  12. take a traditional photography class
  13. to witness the return of Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior!
  14. go sailing
  15. read the LOTR trilogy
  16. plaster a cream pie in someones face:)
  17. visit a spa
  18. ride a hot air balloon
  19. attend a symphony orchestra
  20. play a public joke
  21. fillet a fish
  22. visit Westminster Abbey
  23. stay at a bed and breakfast
  24. sleep on the beach
  25. float in the dead sea
  26. get an Indian head massage
  27. visit the eastern hemisphere
  28. balloon-paint a masterpiece
  29. picnic on a cliff
  30. master soufflé
  31. learn another language (working on Spanish)
  32. take up oil painting
  33. go glamping
  34. keep a proper herb garden alive
  35. enhance my math skills
  36. continue memorizing Bible chapters
  37. can salsa again
  38. smock a baby girl’s dress
  39. maintain a crazy organized desk & calendar
  40. make a canopy reading retreat in a cozy corner
  41. be brave
My Bucket List UPDATED

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